Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (2023)

Industry excellence and global reputation

The Tech Jobs Fair was created as a platform to empower brands and bring together tech talent under one roof. The Tech Jobs Fair began in 2017 in Berlin, where it organized its first job fair for professionals in the IT industry. TJF operates in several countries with a central team in Berlin with local professionals.

The technology job fair offers an excellent opportunity to find or transition to a new job in the technology sector, learn from top IT and digital industry experts, and network with like-minded individuals.

Founded byAschok Dudhat, Tech Jobs Fair is officially coordinated in 16 countries with more than 45,000 participants, more than 500 organizations, more than 400 partners and more than 500,000 supporters, a testament to its global position and global excellence in the sector.

The Tech Jobs Fair brought together 185+ exhibitors, 100+ partners, 165+ speakers and 25,000+ visitors for a full year of talent hunting and networking. Tech Jobs Fair held 12 events around the world in 2022, including 5 physical fairs and 7 virtual fairs.

We would also like to thank all the Tech Jobs Fair team members and support staff for their thorough preparation of this job fair.

First Tech Jobs Fair'22 Vienna – supported by #ViennaUP

It was a pleasure to announce that more than 15 speakers, more than 25 companies and more than 1,000 participants attended this event on June 3, 2022 at Aula der Wissenschaften, Wollzeile 27a, A-1010 Vienna, Austria. This year marks the fourth edition of the Vienna Tech Jobs Fair in Vienna and its twentieth edition worldwide.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (1)

The partners of our exhibitors wereVienna Business Agency, WP Event Manager, Nordcloud, Netconomy GmbH, ACMIT GmbH, Suppliot GmbH, TTTech Computertechnik AG, WECANBEHEROES.IO, Enspired-trading, Nuki Home Solutions, Xund, Anyline GmbH, Erste Group, Ages, Dotbite, Youniqx Identity AG , Morpher Labs GmbH, Sanusx, Austrian Power Grid AG, Qualcomm, Epunkt GmbH, Linguidoor Translation Services, Gewerbeverein (OGV), Teach For Austria, Waterdrop Microdrink GmbH y Dayholi GmbH.

keynote speakers -dr. Mario Kleinsasser, Isabella Frey, Markus Nistelberger, Cornelia Habetler, Adela Mehic-Dzanic, Martina Ernst, Kambis Kohansal, Wiierong Li, Helene Richter, Alessandro Wärzner, Ani Harreither, Eduardo Esteves, Felix Schernhammer and Martin Fröhler.

Our media/community/university partners –El factor femenino, ViennaUP, Startup Live, Raw Culture, weXelerate, Loffice Wien, Trending Topics, Pr News, Talent Garden, Wild Code School y WU Gründerzentrum.

2. Canada Tech Jobs Fair '22

5,000+ tickets, 2,000+ attendees, 17+ exhibitors, 12+ speakers, and 8+ community, media, and university partners. During the June 16, 2022 event, we had a large number of speaker sessions and booth visits. This year marks the 2nd edition of the Canada Tech Jobs Fair in Canada and its 21st edition globally.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (2)

Our exhibiting partners were:Sourced Group, techNL, Universe, GoStudent Canada, Calgary Economic Development, IBM Canada Ltd, Wipro Canada Ltd, Mphasis Limited, Arcurve, Harvest Builders, Helcim, Slalom, People Find Inc., Dori Zener, Associates y Think 360.

keynote speakers -Andrew McEdwards, AJ Robles, Katie Fitzgibbon, Joel Pollard, Liam Flanagan, Nimrit Anand, Pranav Dhar y Philip Agnello.

Community and Media Partners:L-Spark, Accelerate Okanagan, Startup Canada, The OneVally, World Skills, FutureThink, Fintech Finance, InnMind, Philip Agnello Creative Consulting y das African Vibes Magazine.

3. India Virtual Tech Jobs Fair '22

19,844+ entries, 3,931+ attendees, 25+ exhibitors, 18+ speakers, and 10+ community, academic, and media partners. We had a great schedule of speaker sessions and booth visits during the event on June 30, 2022. It would not have been possible to organize such a successful 22nd edition worldwide and 2nd edition in India without the trust and the support of our partners and collaborators.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (3)

Our exhibiting partners were:Hotfoot Technology Solutions, EY GDS, Reverie Language Technologies, HelloFresh, NovelVox, Indus OS, Orane Consulting, Sunfox Technologies, Deep Technologies, Tech2Globe Web Solutions, Think 360 Solutions, IT SPARK TECHNOLOGY, Kavitul Technologies, Dr.Cardio ECG, Netzila Technologies, Academia TIC, Witmates Technologies, Dight Infotech, Appsierra, GigDe Global, NASSCOM, Clarigo Infotech, Soziales.

keynote speakers -Ganesh S., Vivek Naidu, Amit Kirti, Vivekananda Pani, Pranjal Nayak, Rajesh Venkatesan, Kshama Dhir, Parul Misra, Jyotsna Minocha, Anand Sudhakar Chiddarwar and Darshana Thakkar.

Community and Media Partners:CoFynd, Transformation-The Strategy HUB, The Voice of Women und Deqode.

4th Israel'22 Virtual Tech Job Fair

Our event was a success with over 1,100 registrations, over 600 attendees, over 10 keynote speakers, and over 5 community, academic, and media partners during the event on September 14, 2022. This year marks the second edition of the Israel Tech Jobs fair held in Israel and its 23rd edition worldwide.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (4)

Our exhibiting partners –WP Event Manager, SG Communications, Testlify, Zohar Studio, Hire Tech Talent y Webzoly para estos fines.

keynote speakers -Limor Bergman Gross, Pratik Thakker, Esti Grossman, Netaly Zohar, Tal Catran, Daniel Alfon, Shlomo Freund and Sigal Gafni.

5th Denmark Virtual Tech Job Fair '22

We are pleased to announce that during the event on September 15, 2022, there were over 1,500 registrations, over 900 attendees, over 9 keynote speakers, and over 3 academic, community, and media partners. This year marks the 1st edition of the Danish Tech Jobs Fair in Denmark and its 24th edition worldwide.

(Video) Prepare for Job Fair - STAND OUT by doing this!

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (5)

Our exhibiting partners were:WP Event Manager, BlackBird Aps, People Ventures, Monta, Neurons, Specsavers and Ejendom.

keynote speakers -Niels Braae, Christine Friis, Gabrielle Campos, Robert Gerst, Tomas Zhang Mathiesen and Asbjørn Jensen.

6. Lisbon'22 Technology Job Fair

Our event was a success, with more than 1,519 registrations, more than 500 participants, more than 10 keynote speakers and more than 5 community, media and university partners on September 29, 2022 at the University of Lisbon, Átrio dos Passos Perdidos, Alameda University, 1649-004 Lisbon, Portugal. This year marks the 3rd edition of the Lisbon Tech Jobs Fair in Lisbon and its 25th edition worldwide.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (6)

Our exhibiting partners were:Kaizen Gaming, Valispace, EFS Consulting, Innovation & Engineering HUB de Volkswagen Group Services, Equus Software, Axians Portugal, BI4ALL, Crossjoin Solutions, Vestas, Work in Lithuania, eikko, Wipro, PureFacts Financial Solutions, NEOTALENT, INSCALE Portugal Unipessoal Lda, NR3 ,, Homeostase y Networkme.

Our main speakers:Theodore Zographos, John Gonzalez, Pedro Dias, Luis Miguel Martins Teixeira, Francisco Aguiar, Leyre Moreno Echeverria, Bertram Friedel, Erika Gal, Paul Wratislaw, Magda Faria and Ricardo Carvalho.

Community and Media Partners– Startup Lisboa, Invest Lisboa, Portuguese Women in Tech, Talent Portugal, Future of Work, Digital Marketers, Demium, 351 – Portuguese Startup Community, IDEA Spaces, Crown Segment Consultancy Service LDA, Link To Leaders e Perfil Empreendedor.

7th Virtual Employment Fair Tech España'22

This year the 2nd edition of Spain Tech Jobs Fair is celebrated in Spain and its 26th edition worldwide. It was our pleasure to announce that more than 12 speakers, more than 7 exhibiting partners and more than 500 talents were present at this event on October 27, 2022.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (7)

Our exhibiting partners –Derivco, Work in Lithuania, Servizurich, EDP Renewables, Mokens League y WP Event Manager.

keynote speakers -Karolina Zelbienė, Niels Berglund, Alexandra Romero Pallares, Hanna Pozdniakova, Juliana Rabbi, Jacob Shekrel, Arnau Beramendi Higueras, Leonardo Reyes and Marina Morrissey.

8. Budapest Tech Job Fair'22

This year marks the 1st edition of the Budapest Tech Jobs Fair in Budapest and its 27th edition worldwide, which took place on November 3, 2022 at the G Building of Óbuda University, Budapest Tavaszmező 14-18 .

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (8)

Our exhibiting partners were:BOSCH Group, 4iG Plc, MORTOFF, NIX Tech, Humanfield, Vision Recruitment, UNICEF Global Shared Services Centre, Richter Gedeon Nyrt, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Carl Zeiss Digital Innovation Hungary Kft., DEKRA Akademie Kft., Ramasoft Zrt., Emerson Process Management Magyarország Kft., Genesys Cloud Services Hungary Kft., NNG, Hays Hungary, USER Rendszerház, Annata, OTP Bank Nyrt., Bluebird International Zrt., DIGIC and TC2.

Community Partner -Association of IT companies, AI Coalition, Archenerg Cluster, Tech in the City, IKOSZ, HIPA, CEU iLab, ABSL, Startup Hungary, CED Central European Economic Development Agency, Mensa HungarIQa Egyesület and Pozi Network.

keynote speakers -Martina Almási, Zoltán Gazsi, Laszlo Boa, Balázs Erdei, Attila Meszaros, Bence Sinkó, Lotár Schein, Laszlo Kiss, Dr. Martin Pfeifle, Nóra Végh, Anita Kárai, Kinga Daradics, Bernadett Kiss, Károly Kodaj and Balázs Bartos.

9. Berliner Tech Jobs Messe '22

This year's event, held on November 10, 2022 at The Drivery, Mariendorfer Damm 1, 12099 Berlin, featured more than 25 exhibitors, 20 keynote speakers and over 2,000 talents. This year marks the 5th edition of the Berlin Tech Jobs Fair in Berlin and its 28th edition worldwide.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (9)

Our exhibitors –NETCONOMY GmbH, go-e Labs GmbH, Acceleration Partners GmbH, Prestatech, Digital Hospitality GmbH, State of Denmark by Copenhagen Capacity, T3RN, Jina AI GmbH, Wooga, Novanta, Sangrr, Avomind GmbH, Integrationworks GmbH, Native Instruments, TikTok, Parkdepot GmbH, Linguidoor Translation Services, New2app, Think-cell Software and Upday.

keynote speakers -Kateryna Kolomiiets, Pavel Egorkin, Ekaterina Kuskova, Mirko Vukadinovic, Stella Bailleux, Weronika Lesniewska, Ali Levin, Asit Dutta, Gurpreet Kaur Jaggi, Nilima Gandhi, Andrea-Maria Mandeal, Tosin Anifowose, Ella van Niekerk and Nesrin Yuksel.

Media/community/university partners– BST Media, calls from Germany, Cassanovas, Startsteps and Berlin Coding Academy.

10. Tech Jobs Fair'22 in Zurich

Our Zurich Tech Jobs Fair, which took place on November 23, 2022, was a huge success with 1,470+ entries, 500+ participants, 12+ exhibitors, 10+ speakers and 5+ community partners, the media and academia. This year marks the 4th edition of Zurich Tech Jobs in Zurich and its 29th edition worldwide.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (10)

Our exhibitors were -NETCONOMY GmbH, MDPI, SGInovate, Exclusive Networks, A-Metal, FONGIT, Swisscom, Summit Recruitment AG, RemoteClip and Catherine Leduc Coaching for job search and career management.

keynote speakers -Dietrich Rordorf, Jae Annie Tay, Tom O'Loughlin, Tim Trinkl, Jae Annie Tay, Jared Niederhauser, René F. Lehmann, Elmira Gazizova and Hana Harencarova.

(Video) STE Virtual Career Fair 2022 - Closing Message

11. UK Virtual Tech Jobs Fair'22

This year marks the second edition of the UK Tech Jobs Fair in the UK and its 30th edition worldwide. The UK Virtual Tech Jobs Fair was a huge success attracting 1000+ talent, 10+ exhibitors and 8+ speakers on 29th November 2022.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (11)

Our exhibitors were -NCC Group, EUCannaJobs, Qureca, LDN Apprenticeships, Cargobase, Silentus App, FJORD Management y WP Event Manager.

keynote speakers -Shannon Weber, Tram Anh, Andy Mannsfeld, Lavinia Osbourne, Hugo Valdivia y Rene Lehmann.

12th Virtual Tech Job Fair Netherlands '22

The Netherlands Virtual Tech Jobs Fair was a huge success attracting 1,500+ entries, 1,000+ attendees, 7+ exhibitors, 10+ speakers and 5+ academic, community and media partners on November 30, 2022. This year it is the Netherlands 2nd edition of the Tech Jobs Fair in the Netherlands and 31st worldwide.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (12)

Our exhibitors –Desarrollado por Anchormen, Trunkrs, Silentus, XPAI - The Experience AI, WP Event Manager y Hire Tech Talent.

keynote speakers -Khanh Bang Duong, Hugo Valdivia, Nelson T. Ajulo, Rene Lehmann, Maria Eugenia Elias and Damla Goeruer.

The Tech Jobs Fair brought together 185+ exhibitors, 100+ partners, 165+ speakers and 25,000+ visitors for a full year of talent hunting and networking. The Tech Jobs Fair held 12 events around the world in 2022, including five physical fairs and seven virtual fairs.

Because TJF has kept up with the latest technological advances in the market

Recruiting, coordinating and leading a company is an important issue that is scrutinized by top management. Recruiters need help finding the right person for their job, and job seekers are starting to lose confidence. Both parties see this problem. Job seekers need help finding a good job and companies are under pressure to find experienced employees. There must be a cultural divide in how recruiters search for employees and how employees search for work. So here is a solution to bridge the gap between recruiters and job seekers:HIRE TECHNOLOGICAL TALENT.

People can create their unique technical profile on the platform, which goes through a verification process. Once your profile is verified, your profile will be visible to recruitment companies in 16 countries, making it easy to find the right candidate in the industry. We have more than 45,500 talents at Hire Tech Talent. People don't have to waste time applying to different companies on different platforms; Instead, recruiting companies will contact applicants. Interview leads are sent to job applicants when their profiles are selected.

And that's how Hire Tech Talent bridges the gap between recruiters and job seekers.

Guarantee the quality of service in our company.

To ensure the quality of our exhibitors' services, we fully understand their hiring needs and the positions they are seeking in the technology sector. We give them access to our job posting platforms,TECHNICAL WORK WALL(worldwide) andWORKS IN INITIALS GERMANY(for the Germany region). As soon as they post their vacancies, our site subscribers will be notified.

Through our HTT reverse recruitment platform, we assure you that you will be hired after the fair. Employment organizations see verified profiles, making it easy to identify the ideal candidate in the industry.

Furthermore, our team continues to contact them regularly for their new vacancies and requirements.

Our team continues to grow!

We have two core teams at the Tech Jobs Fair that are divided into two teams, namely the Sales and Marketing teams. The sales team often approaches various exhibitors and converts them into our customers, which is the basis of progress, the marketing team promotes our exhibitors and social media partners on social media and attracts job seekers to to visit our virtual and physical fairs.

We plan to expand the Tech Jobs Fair globally, starting with London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam and Dublin. We want TJF to be a global brand and create a tech and startup ecosystem around the world. TJF hopes to help more tech-savvy people find jobs, inspire them to innovate, and educate them about entrepreneurship. Our goal is to establish Tech World: technology communities around the world. Message from Rising Leaders: Be passionate about your goal and work hard to achieve it.

Achievements and recognitions obtained by the company from afar

There were many respectedAwards won by TJF in 2022:

Preise de Ashok DudhatThey are the following:

Media coverage throughout 2022

We would like to thank the following outlets for TJF's generous media exposure and appreciate their support. Thank you for helping us spread the word about all of our events in 2022.

  1. ET HR World Southeast Asia
  8. Beyond the exclamation
  9. large

What our partners say about TJF

We can say that the Tech Job Fair was a great success for us. We had the opportunity to speak with many technology job seekers and promote our business and open positions. Even after the Tech Job Fair, we received many applications for openings.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (13)

Tolga Ermis, Co-Founder and CEO of PromiseQ

(Video) Tech Security | Bloomberg Technology 02/13/2023

It has been a pleasure to be a part of TJF Canada, great support from the TJF team and an opportunity to meet such dedicated talent!

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (14)

Nimrit Anand, Talentkoordinator bei Calgary Economic Development
Calgary Economic Development

It was great to be one of the speakers at the Vienna Tech Jobs Fair'22 and help people increase their value and get the salary and career they deserve.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (15)

Martina Ernst, CEO and founder of SalaryNegotiations
salary negotiations.

The Tech Jobs Fair was a well-organized virtual event with an incredible turnout from veteran tech professionals and newcomers to their tech careers. EITHER
The organizers were very cooperative and did a great job promoting the event on social media. We look forward to attending future Tech Jobs Fair events in Canada.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (16)

(Video) Speaking with Recruiters at a Career Fair - Interview Skills

Anthea Maxwell, Talent Acquisition Manager at Arcurve Inc.
Arcurve Inc.

It was an absolute pleasure to attend the Tech Jobs Fair in Vienna and present our startup Raw Culture! The participants were diverse and actively participated in the search for new opportunities! At the end of the day I made a lot of new connections, from candidates, future clients and partnerships!

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (17)

Weirong Li, Cross Cultural Speaker, Founder and CEO of Raw Culture
culture rohe

Our experience was positive. And our general opinion is that the job fair was useful from a talent branding point of view, mainly due to the multicultural environment: we found that the participants were very curious about INSCALE and our work.

Tech Jobs Fair 2022 Events Closing! (18)

Ana Villar Rosado, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Inscale
In scale

Events planned for 2023

  1. Budapest Tech Jobs Fair:

    this yearsBudapest Tech Jobs Fairwill take place on May 11, 2023 at Bálna – The Whale, 1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12. This event is expected to attract more than 2,000 visitors.

  2. Tech Jobs Fair'23 in Vienna is part of #ViennaUP:

    We are planning the organization in 2023Vienna Tech Jobs FairJune 1 at Expedithalle Vienna, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna.#ViennaUP will also support the event like last year. This event will have an audience of 2,000 participants.

  3. London Tech Jobs Fair:

    More than 3,000 participants are expectedLondon Tech Jobs Fairwhich will take place on June 22, 2023 at the QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3EE. There will be exciting speaker sessions and cutting-edge technology companies attending the event.

  4. Technology Jobs Fair in Lisbon

    this yearsTechnology Jobs Fair in Lisbonwill take place on September 28, 2022 at Pátio da Galé, Praça do Comércio – Ala Poente 1100-148, Lisbon. This event is expected to attract more than 2,000 visitors. There will be some featured presentations and briefings from our keynote speakers, leading companies will attend the event.

  5. Berlin Tech Job Fair

    We are very excited to share this with you this year.Berlin Tech Job Fairwill take place on November 2, 2023 at The Drivery, Mariendorfer Damm 1, 12099 Berlin. More than 5,000 talents will be present at this year's event.

  6. Virtual Canada Tech Jobs Fair

    We hope to bring people together, whether it's a virtual event, networking event, panel discussion, or career fair.

    this yearsVirtual Canada Tech Jobs FairIt will be a great participation success for us, because we will have more than 2,000 participants.

  7. Virtual technological employment fair in Spain

    this yearsVirtual technological employment fair in Spaintook place on November 29, 2023. This event is expected to attract more than 2,000 attendees. Virtual TJF ​​​​2023 from Spain is a great opportunity to search for a new job while expanding your network and meeting other like-minded people in the bustling region of Spain, known for its cool startup scene.

  8. Virtual Netherlands Tech Jobs Fair

    More than 2,000 participants are expected.Virtual Netherlands Tech Jobs Fair, which will take place on November 30, 2023. There will be engaging sessions from key speakers and companies attending the event.

    (Video) Why Mergers Are Destroying America

You don't want to miss out!

2022 was amazing, but 2023 will be even better because we will host many more physical trade shows. If you are interested in attending upcoming events in 2023, feel free to register as an exhibitor or job applicant here. We hope to see you again at the trade shows listed on our website next year! Stay tuned!

If you missed the event and would like to attend the next event in 2023, feel free to register as an exhibitor or job applicant here.


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