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Ryan's worldwide phone number

Ryan's World, formerly known as Ryan ToysReview, is aChildren's channel not youtubefor children aged 2-6 with Ryan Kaji. This is shown by estimates for 2023Ryan's worldwide phone numberes +1-651-6335-XXX.

As it is not easy to connect with thatKinder Youtubervia a phone call, stop atRyan World contact details.

Ryan World real nameRyan Haruto Guan Ryan Kaji
Ryan's worldwide phone number+1-651-6335-XXX
Ryan World WhatsApp Number+1-651-6335-XXX
Number of text messages from Ryan World+1-651-6335-XXX
Ryan World Wohnadresse/ Adresse des Ryan World HouseRyan Haruto Guan, Cypress, Texas, United States
Mailing address of Ryan World fansRyan Haruto Guan, Cypress, Texas, United States
Ryan World Wohnadresse/ Adresse des Ryan World HouseRyan Kaji, Texas, USA
E-Mail-ID von Ryan Worldryantoysreviewbiz@gmail.com
Official siteryanstoysreview.com
Ryan World Phone Number - Fan Mail, address, contact (2)

Ryan World contact details

Random polls forRyan's worldwide phone numberhave placed your name in the category ofOverYouTuber Contact Information. check theRyan World Social-Media-Nutzerthis will make your connection easier:

  • Twitter: @RyansWorld18
  • FACEBOOK: Ryantoys Review
  • INSTAGRAMM:Ryanworld
  • YOUTUBE: Ryan's World Español (Spanish Channel)

early life and career

Features of Ryan's World (formerly Ryan ToysReview).Ryan Kaji (born October 19, 2011) along with his mother (Loann Kaji), father (Shion Kaji) and twin sisters (Emma and Kate).

Born on October 19, 2011 toMother of the World Ryan, Loann Kaji, eRyan-WeltPater, Shion Kaji, grew up with twin sisters Emma and Kate.

Isyoutube infantilChannelHe usually posts a new video every day. One of the videos on the channel, Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge, has over 2 billion views, making it one of the top 60 most viewed videos on YouTube. The Verge called the channel "a hybrid of personal vlogging and 'unboxing' video, a mix of innocent childish antics and relentless, often overwhelming consumption".

Forbes also mentioned that Kaji made $11 million between 2016 and 2017 as the 8th highest paid YouTuber. The 2018 and 2019 updates revealed that he was listed as thehighest paid youtuber, which earns $22 million and $26 million from its videos and product line, respectively.

Ryan Haruto Guan, an American children's YouTuber from CaliforniaOf Japanese descent, he mostly stars in videos about various toys on his parents' ten channels (mainly Ryan's World). The combination of unboxing, innocent childish pranks, personal vlogging, and relentless and often overwhelming consumerism makes for some stunning videos. All toys featured in Ryan's World go to charity.

IsYouTuber with the most searched phone number,Ryan Haruto Guan, has garnered much media attention for its influence on young children, especially preschoolers. He's the best for toy reviews, and his parents became famous for exploiting their children as day laborers. Ryan's World was nominated for and won the 10th Annual Streamy Awards 2020 in the Kids & Family category.

Updates from 2017 reveal that Ryan's parents have signed a deal with Pocket.watch, a new children's media company founded in 2016 by Chris Williams and Albie Hecht, who continue to use the channel. Pocket.watch is best for marketing and merchandising Ryan's YouTube channels.

Updates from 2018 reveal that Ryan ToysReview has partnered with Pocket.watch and WildWorks to create a Tag with Ryan app for iOS and Android devices.

Updates from Ryan's World Toys reveal that at Toy Fair 2018 in New York, Ryan ToysReview announced a line of Ryan's World-branded toys, working in partnership with pocket.watch and Bonkers Toys. The toys were released exclusively at Walmart on August 6, 2018. The toys were later released on Target and Amazon. Ryan's World colored slime retails at $4.5 per inch, $9 for the Ryan action figure, while potato chip moles retail at $18. Molten Orange costs $5 each. Their Ali and Abu Build A Bear Aladdin theme costs about $60.

Updates from May 7, 2021 show that thehochbezahlter youtuberRyan created his own Twitter account from which his mother and father tweet on his behalf. He was later suspended.

Ryan's Mystery Playdate.png In 2019, updates show that Guans and pocket.watch have produced a 20-episode television series for preschoolers called Ryan's Mystery Playdate. The show was created by Nick Jr. for an April 19, 2019 release date in the United States. The new series focuses on Ryan, his parents and two cartoon characters, Gus the Gummy Gator and Combo Panda.


On August 28, 2019, updates revealed that Truth in Advertising and the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint alleging their sponsored videos were improperly publicized. Truth in Advertising also stated at the time that "nearly 90 percent of Ryan ToysReview videos included at least one paid product recommendation aimed at preschoolers, a group too young to distinguish between a commercial and a review."

Ads often feature unhealthy foods; The complaint led to the FTC suing YouTube and Google for $170 million and eventually YouTube's new rules on children's content to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Ryan's World, which publishes a variety of content, has become immensely famous.

child exploitation

Loan and Shion Guan were caught exploiting their children on YouTube for years to feed their greed and selfish desire for money. Updates from 2016 show that his popular YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview is headlining Ryan and grossing approximately $11 million. But it got to the point where Ryan's annual income wasn't satisfactory. The Guans made the executive decision to acquire 2 additional workers, Emma and Kate Guan, to illegally make more profit.

(Video) Ryan Surprise his Fans at Smyth Toys SuperStores in the UK!!!

Kieu-Loan and Shion have raised approximately $50 million through the exploitation of the 3 children in 2020 by enabling the uploading of misleading and substandard content in violation of fair labor standards child labor regulations. They forced their children to work dozens of hours a week and secure their financial future by cashing in on their children, leading critics to question the ethics of filming their children without consent for advertising and sponsorship money rake in The problem was that the exploitation of children under the age of 14 for financial gain is forbidden by law.

The creators as a team conveniently named their YouTube channel "Ryan ToysReview" to use kids as a promotion. His intention was to feature toys on his channel that are used as gimmicks to appeal to children's underdeveloped minds in public and later via PocketWatch. Parents make a lot of money by manipulating their children.

Relevant Radio's Cale Clarke revealed that Shion Guan noticed the large number of videos featuring a preschool audience and decided to create Ryan-targeted content hoping to reach the audience (ages 2-6).

View bot claims

Ryan's channel caught the public's attention via the preview bot. PewDiePie and Idubbbz exclaimed that Ryan's parents are manipulating them for more money and YouTube fame.

inappropriate content

November 2017 updates show people have reported Ryan ToysReview and other toy channels for using content unsuitable for children. Also, they forced the child to create content. They had to remove several videos to reduce the channel's drop of 715 million video views.

COPPA Violation

Updates as of August 28, 2019 show that Truth in Advertising and the Federal Trade Commission have filed a complaint alleging that sponsored videos were improperly marketed. Truth in Advertising stated that "nearly 90 percent of Ryan ToysReview's videos contained at least one paid product recommendation targeted at preschoolers, a group too young to distinguish between a commercial and a review." For this reason, the FTC has fined YouTube and Google for violating COPPA.

frequently asked questions

What is the phone number for Ryan World?

Ryan's worldwide phone number is +1-651-6335-XXX.

What is Ryan World's cell phone number?

Ryan World cell phone numberes +1-651-6335-XXX.

What is Ryan World's email address?

Email address from Ryan Worldesryantoysreviewbiz@gmail. com.

What is Ryan World's real phone number?

Ryan's worldwide phone numberis +1-651-6335-XXX. But theRyan World real phone numberIt is NA for privacy reasons.

How can I contact Ryan World?

Contact Ryan WorldaboveRyan's worldwide phone number+1-651-6335-XXX,Ryan World E-Mail IDryantoysreviewbiz@gmail.comlike thisSocial-Media-Profile von Ryan World.

What is Ryan World's mailing address?

(Video) 'Ryan's World' Star Marvels At Seeing Himself Everywhere

Ryan World address for sending emailsist Ryan Haruto Guan, Cypress, Texas, USA.

How do I email Ryan World?

Email Ryan MundoaboveEmail address from Ryan Worldesryantoysreviewbiz@gmail.com.

What is the address of Ryan World's new home?

Ryan World New home addressist Ryan Haruto Guan, Cypress, Texas, USA.

Where does Ryan World live?

Ryan World live themRyan Haruto Guan, Cypress, Texas, United States.

Where is Ryan World from?

Ryan World hails from Houston, Texas, USA. UU.

What is Ryan World's contact information?

Ryan World contact informationcontainsRyan's worldwide phone number+1-651-6335-XXX, Ryan World E-Mail IDryantoysreviewbiz@gmail.com, sowieSocial-Media-Profile von Ryan World.

Where is Ryan World now?

Ryan world isFull-time YouTuber with internship atHouston, Texas, Area.

How do I send a message to Ryan World?

Send a message to Ryan's worldaboveRyan's worldwide phone number+1-651-6335-XXX,Ryan World E-Mail IDryantoysreviewbiz@gmail.comlike thisSocial-Media-Profile von Ryan World.

What phone does Ryan World have?

(Video) We Lost Our Son in the Mail | I Mailed Myself to Ryan Toysreview | Thumbs Up Kids

Details are NA.

How can I experience Ryan World 2023?

Meet Ryan World 2023Booking through the booking agency.

How do I send fan mail to Ryan World?

E-Mail an Ryan World-Fansbei Ryan Haruto Guan, Cypress, Texas, USA.

What's the best way to see Ryan World?

The best way to see Ryan's worldis to book it through the booking agency.

What is the phone number for Ryan World?

Ryan's worldwide phone numberes +1-651-6335-XXX.

Where can I send Ryan World fan mail to?

E-Mail an Ryan World-Fansbei Ryan Haruto Guan, Cypress, Texas, USA.

What is Ryan World's actual address?

Real address from Ryan WorldIt's NA to avoid privacy issues. But theRyans WeltadresseAccording to our latest estimates, this is Ryan Haruto Guan, Cypress, Texas, USA.

How do I book Ryan World?

Buch Welt Ryanthrough the booking agency.

What nationality is Ryan World?

(Video) We have Ryan's World Amazon Online Store!

Ryan World's nationality isAmerican.

What is Ryan World Manager's email address?

Email address of Ryan's World Manageresryantoysreviewbiz@gmail. com.

Who is the manager of Ryan World?

sunlight entertainment itRyanThe production company is family owned and operated by Kaji.

How much does it cost to book Ryan World for a concert?

Book Ryan World for a concertfor nearly $10,000.

Does Ryan have twin sisters?

Yes, he has twin sisters,Emma is Kate.

How do I call Ryan?

Call Ryan's World at +1-651-6335-XXX.

How do I send fan mail to Ryan's World?

Send fan mail to Ryan World at the Ryan World fan mail address Ryan Haruto Guan, Cypress, Texas, USA

What is Ryan's mother's phone number?

Ryan's mother's phone number is +1(225)668-XXXX.

What is Ryan's father's phone number?

(Video) No More Ryan ToysReview....

Ryan's father's phone number is +1(224)498-XXXX.

last words

We've done our best to find outRyan's worldwide phone number. If you want more information about theryan world real phone number,let us know in the comments below. Also stay tuned for more updates.


Where is Ryan's World headquarters? ›

Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

Are Ryan's World sisters adopted? ›

On asking Gillian and Ryan what the best thing has been about adopting sisters, Gillian said: “It's funny as sometimes they don't get on, but they look for each other all the time. It's nice to take that step back and think yeah, they've got each other and they've always had each other, and they've come to us together.

Did Ryan's family move to Hawaii? ›

Fast forward to 2022, Ryan is now a 10-year-old millionaire, living in Honolulu. “We had no idea Ryan's videos were going to be such a big hit, and we've been putting out fun videos ever since!” said Shion Kaji, Ryan's dad.

What nationality is Ryan's dad? ›

Who is Ryan's world real parents? Ryan's parents, Shion and Loann Kaji, met while they were undergraduates at Texas Tech University. Shion, the son of a microchip executive, moved to the United States from Japan when he was in high school and still speaks with a slight accent.

What is Ryan's real name? ›

The star of the popular channel Ryan's World, Ryan Kaji, earned nearly $30 million dollars last year and his net worth is estimated to be $32 million as of 2020.

How old is Ryan right now? ›

What age is Ryan's mom? ›

She is 38 years as of 2022.

Why did Ryan's World get sued? ›

The complaint, from Truth in Advertising, states: “[the channel] deceptively promotes a multitude of products to millions of preschool-aged children in violation of FTC law

Where is Ryan's house in America? ›

Sumner, Washington


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