How to write a speaker invitation letter and speaker gift ideas (2023)

Having a great guest speaker at your event can make it special and attract a larger audience.

The first step to bringing a guest speaker to your conference or event isContact them and send them a speaker invitation letter.

How to write an invitation letter for a speaker?

We have everything you need to make your invitation perfect, providing everything your guest needs to know and giving you a great chance of getting a positive response.

Specifically, we give you:

  • Our six-step process for getting your letter right
  • Top ten speaker gifts to offer during your event
  • A quick guide to finding the right guest speakers for your event

Let's begin.

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How to write a speaker invitation letter in 6 easy steps

10 great speaker gift ideas

Bonus: How to find speakers for your event

How to write a speaker invitation letter in 6 easy steps

You need a strong speaker invitation letter to ensure it gets opened, read and responded to - hopefully in a positive way!

Sending an email to a potential guest speaker means thatmust contain some specific detailsas well as a bit of creative flair.

These are all the steps you need to follow to get your invitation letter on point.

Step #1: Write the subject line well

The first thing to get right when inviting a keynote speaker to your event is the subject line.

Think about how many emails you received on a given day last week. Now think about how many of those emails went unread.

The subject line of a speaker request letter can be the difference betweenbe read and answered, or be ignored, then you need to make it personal and informative.

Respectivelya studyOf Backlinko's 12 million cold-spread emails, a personalized subject line gets up to a third more responses.

How to write a speaker invitation letter and speaker gift ideas (1)

This can be as simple as using the recipient's name in the subject line along with some information about the invitation.

Here are some examples of invitation letter subject lines that you can emulate:

Alex, your invitation to speak at Marketing Matters in March

Invitation for Jesse to speak at the Workplace Wellness Conference in July

Step #2: Use the correct title

As simple as it sounds, it's importantaddress your formal invitation letter correctly.

Make sure you find the right way to address the person you're addressing, whether it's a speaker at a graduation party or a large corporate event.

You may need to address them as Dr., Professor, Mrs., Mr. or some other title; You'll likely find this on professional profiles on places like LinkedIn, or on your company or college page.

(Video) Inviting speakers to your event - tips for event planners!

Step #3: Invite right away

Now that you're in the body of your email, you want to make sure your invitee knows exactly what you're asking them to do.

Your opening paragraph shouldProvide event title details.and make it clear that you are asking the person to be a spokesperson there.

An example letter for this section might look like this:

I would like to invite you to speak at the virtual event entitled "Employee Retention 2022" to be held online on July 7, 2022. I am an avid LinkedIn follower and have read your latest book and think it would be a valuable addition to our event. .

Make sure your guest is clear about what you're asking them to do so they know if they're interested in continuing to read the next section.

Step #4: Explain your organization and event

Now your potential speakers know the most important details about your special event. You have to give them more information.

It's important to explain who you and your organization are as an incentive to accept your invitation.

He canAdd social proof by providing brief details of past eventsand past speakers, if your event has taken place before, and explain who your audience is.

This will help your contact understand the purpose of the event and whether it's really worth it for them.

This is what this part of an invitation letter for a guest speaker would look like:

I'm the Marketing Manager at Business Connects, we organize networking events and conferences for entrepreneurs and thought leaders across the US and Canada. Our most recent event was in January 2022, where 2,400 business decision makers gathered to hear from speakers including entrepreneur Sally Smith and business writer Raj Singh.

You want your business letter inviting a speaker to your event to include clear reasons why that person needs to say "yes."

Step 5: Summarize the specific requirements

In your next paragraph in our letter format, explain the details of what you are asking the potential speaker to do.

This includes information such as:

  • how long to talk
  • The topics they were supposed to cover.
  • Whether the event will be broadcast live
  • When they need to be on a panel or answer questions
  • If you want them to share the event with the public

Remember, once they accept your invitation, you can go into much more detail; at this point all you want is gGet an overview of what you're looking forso they know you're in the wheelhouse.

An example invitation letter for this section would look like this:

We expect 3,000 attendees and another 5,000 people at the online event, with an edited version available on our YouTube channel at a later date. Speakers at our events typically present 30-45 minutes and answer questions for an additional 15-20 minutes. After reviewing your experience, we'd like to hear from you on the following topics:

Social Justice on Social Media,Ethical product affiliate selection,Build values ​​in your company

If you provide this information in advance, they will know in the first round of communication how your speech will reach the audience and what that audience is interested in.

Step #6: Provide a Strong Call to Action

To complete your event or meeting invitation letters, you should explain the next steps with a strong call to action (CTA).

Even if this isn't a sales email or a sales pitch ask for something, then good guest speaker letters make that clear.

you should tooset a deadline for your responseso you can review your calendar for invitations to potential next speakers on your list, should you be turned down.

(Video) Example of Introducing a Guest Speaker

The last paragraph of an invitation letter template might look like this:

I would really appreciate your participation and I think it would give our participants a great perspective. Can I get your reply before November 1st and provide full details of travel expenses and other information?



Those were all our tips for writing speaker invitations. Now let's see some of the best gift ideas for speakers that you can give.

10 great speaker gift ideas

In general, you should provide guest speakers with payment and cover their travel expenses.

Plus, it's a thoughtful gesture.speaker giftswhen they come to your event.

This goesleave a lasting impression of your generosityAnd you'll also be putting branded products in the hands of key people in your line of business or industry.

Here are some great speaker gift ideas:

  • a computer backpack
  • A premium notebook and pen set
  • a crossbody bag
  • a bag of wine
  • An everyday tool belt
  • auriculares bluetooth
  • A lap table made of bamboo.
  • A wireless charger and a headphone holder.
  • One pocket with zipper
  • A reusable water bottle

It's time to find out what it is.

1. Computer backpack

You can be sure that a speaker who travels to your event will appreciate aComputer backpack.

How to write a speaker invitation letter and speaker gift ideas (2)

After all, who doesn't travel with a laptop these days?

A new place to store your computer and other business essentials like notepads and pens will always be appreciated, and your stamp of good taste will be seen on every trip.

Author tip:brand backpacksIt can be printed or embroidered depending on your logo and requirements.

2. Premium Notebook with Pen Set

You've probably seen that the best speakers and attendees take notes when you're at a conference.Premium notepad with pen setit's a great idea

How to write a speaker invitation letter and speaker gift ideas (3)

It's possibly one of the most practical gifts you can give a speaker - they can use it during their time at your event and take it back to use again.

Event organizers must ensure that they offer apremium notebookto all speakers and other VIPs at your conference as it isconsiderate and helpful.

3. Shoulder bag

Will your speaker pass through different halls and workshop rooms during the event? FORshoulder bagIt's a great gift if so.

This article offers all the benefits of a padfolio, with space for articles such as:

  • um tablets
  • A notebook
  • Stationery shop
  • business letters

And many other things you would expect from a busy speaker.

Even better, this padfolio comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so they can keep their hands free as they move around the venue.

(Video) How to thank a speaker: 5 wonderful examples

4. Wine bag

Awine bagMakes a great gift if guest speakers are wine connoisseurs.

It's insulated to keep both red and white wines at the perfect temperature and has two separate compartments to keep bottles from falling apart.

You even have a corkscrew in your pocket!

Make this speaker gift stand out even more.including a few bottles of your local or favorite wineto show your speaker a little more appreciation.

5. Tool belt

We are busy with so many things at conferences, oneEveryday tool beltit can be very helpful.

How to write a speaker invitation letter and speaker gift ideas (4)

It's an attachment that fits in a journal and has compartments to store items like cell phones, pens, and pens.

Give your guests a diary to include as an especially nice present for speakers.

6. Auriculares bluetooth

They must offer premiumtech plunderto your event speakers, but a USB stick is not enoughauriculares bluetooththey are a great gesture.

How to write a speaker invitation letter and speaker gift ideas (5)

They're a less common choice for speaker gifts, but it's an item you can be sure will be used for a long time.

the recipientassociate your brand with audiobooks or your favorite music,which is always good.

7. Bamboo lap table

For people who always work on the go, abamboo lap tableit's a great gift.

How to write a speaker invitation letter and speaker gift ideas (6)

It can be used when you are working on an uneven surface or want to keep track of your work items on a long train journey.

Because it's made from bamboo, it's also super sustainable and should last a lifetime, making it a great investment if you're looking to give a worthwhile gift.

8. Wireless charger and headphone holder

Another tech loot item to hand out to guest speakers is aWireless charger and headphone holder.

How to write a speaker invitation letter and speaker gift ideas (7)

We all know what it's like to get endless Zoom calls when you'rework from homeand you're constantly looking for your headphones.

A dedicated booth that looks classy and understated is a great answer.

This stand also comes with wireless charging capabilities, which means that anyone with any of the latest mobile devices can simply place their phone on the stand and charge it.

9. Zipper pocket

Azipper pocketIt's another extremely useful conference or event item to give to a speaker.

How to write a speaker invitation letter and speaker gift ideas (8)
(Video) Introduce a guest speaker with this sample script (in 3 steps)

This bag can be used to store conference sundries such as:

  • Your phone
  • your room key
  • small loot item
  • your power bank

With everything at your fingertips, your guest will have a much more enjoyable talk after your presentation.

10. Reusable bottle

The last item on our list of perfect gifts for speakers is areusable water bottle.

How to write a speaker invitation letter and speaker gift ideas (9)

This is the kind of article people look for at conferences: it'senviroment friendand it can be very stylish and practical.

Invest in quality bottled watermade with recyclable and insulated materials to keep drinks at just the right temperature; this makes them even more valuable.

Now you have all the inspiration you need for your speaker gifts. We continue with our tips for finding a speaker for your next event.

Bonus: How to find speakers for your event

Finding speakers can be one of the biggest hurdles you face when planning your event.

Knowing how to write your cover letter to invite them is great, but first you need to find potential speakers.

Here are our top 3 tips for finding the right speaker for your event.

listen to your audience

Your event is all about your audience: they are what make your event a success.

As you begin planning your event,interact with your audiencethrough channels such as:

  • your email list
  • Your social media accounts
  • Talk to your personal network

Ask them who they inspire, who they trust, and who they would turn to for industry or career advice.

These are the people you should send your invites to.

Find thought leaders in your niche

In every niche there are people who are respected and seen as an authoritative voice.

It is more than likely that they earned this authority by speaking at events and providing valuable information to the public.

Look for thought leaders on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and see if they have something exciting to offer your attendees.

use social networks

Social media is a great place to discover interesting people in your niche as guest speakers.

As we've just discovered, LinkedIn is one of the obvious places to discover people saying interesting things in your industry.

You can also join professional groups on Facebook and connect with people who have an audience to connect with, just like on Instagram.

That's pretty much all you need to know about how to write a speaker invitation, so let's wrap it up here.

now for you

That's all you need to know to invite potential speakers to your event.

From writing your letter to the freebies you can offer when your speakers arrive at your venue, you now have a good understanding of how it's done.

We've even shared a glimpse of where to find inspiring conversation partners for your next event.

(Video) Examples Of Introducing A Guest Speaker to Captivate Your (Virtual) Audience

Want to stock up on speaker deals for your next event?

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How do you write a letter of invitation for a speaker? ›

I would be pleased if you RSVP your availability to attend as our guest speaker on date] to [name] [title] on [telephone number] by [date]. On behalf of the [City / Country Town Name] Liquor Forum, we look forward to the prospect of you speaking at our meeting.

What is a sample of an invitation letter to a speaker at the conference? ›

Invitation to Speak at a Conference Template

Dear [SPEAKER], I hope this message finds you well! I'm reaching out today with an exciting speaking opportunity for your consideration. I am honored to invite you to speak at [EVENT NAME], an event focused on [DESCRIPTION OF THE PURPOSE AND AUDIENCE OF YOUR EVENT.]

How do you respond to a guest speaker invitation? ›

Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • accept with pleasure.
  • am pleased and honored to.
  • am flattered that you asked.
  • am delighted to accept your.
  • am honored to accept your invitation to speak.
  • am always happy to.
  • am honored to accept your.
  • appreciate the opportunity to share.

What should I say when inviting someone to an event? ›

Phrases to Invite Guests and Describe the Event
  1. We request the honor of your presence… ...
  2. We request the pleasure of your company…
  3. Together with our parents, we invite you…
  4. We ask you to be present with us at the ceremony uniting…
  5. We invite you to share with us a celebration of love…

What is an example of an invitation letter? ›

Dear [Insert Colleague's Name Here]: On behalf of [Insert Agency Name], I am pleased to invite you to participate in a one-day meeting to assess our environmental public health system. The meeting will be held at [Insert Meeting Location Here] on [Insert Date Here], from [Insert Time Here] to [Insert Time Here].

How do you write a good invitation? ›

3. What details to include in your event invitation
  1. Name of the person invited.
  2. Title and description of the event.
  3. Name of hosts and organisers.
  4. Time and date it will take place.
  5. Location and how to get there.
  6. Dress code.
  7. RSVP deadline.
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