Do you know which is the best business projector to display your workplace? πŸ‡§πŸ‡· boat (2023)

If you look at meeting trends over the next few years, it's clear that while face-to-face meetings aren't going away, video conferencing is the new normal. We will also host more hybrid meetings, where some people join the meeting on site and other participants join via web conferencing. To support human interaction and encourage collaboration between internal and external workers, the hybrid workspace needs more meeting rooms with video.

But the power of video is great.workplace viewgoes beyond the walls of youconference hallmiMeeting roomπŸ‡§πŸ‡· think inwardSalaThis is a crucial platform to inspire and engage with employees, partners, and other visitors with engaging interactive content.corporate lobby, the essential content hub supporting stunning brand imagery and informative digital signage.

Visualization is an important part of your workplace design, which is why you need a projector! But how do you decide which is the best business projector for your work environment?

What are the challenges for workplace projections?

  1. ambient light conditions

    Commercial projectors are not typically used on screens as large as outdoor map projections, but they are used in very demanding environments. Still, there are two things to keep in mind when it comes to your projector's brightness levels.

    Do you know which is the best business projector to display your workplace? πŸ‡§πŸ‡· boat (1)

    First of all, today's meeting rooms and lobbies are not black boxes. Artificial light or daylight enters through the windows, favoring a modern, open and more pleasant environment. If you want projections to still be visible in your well-lit rooms, you need a little extra light.weak ambient lightπŸ‡§πŸ‡· Brightness requirements also increase in larger conference rooms with larger projection surfaces.

    And second, know that if you choose to only project onto your bedroom walls (rather than a projection screen), your video projector will need more brightness levels to combat the dimmer ones.wall reflection skillsπŸ‡§πŸ‡· (Yes, even if it's a white wall).

  2. facility design

    The second element to consider is the limitations of the infrastructure of the work environment. There is usually no room for bulky devices. Look for clean, subtle installations thatjust integratein your settings. Your perfect business projector has acompact designmiwide lens shiftthat allow for easy integration so you can place/hang the device anywhere you have space. Short-throw projectors are perfect for smaller meeting rooms, as they allow you to place the projector closer to the projection area and reduce shadows on the screen caused by people moving around the room.

    Do you know which is the best business projector to display your workplace? πŸ‡§πŸ‡· boat (2)Also, projectors use a strong light source to project their images. This light source emits heat, which is cooled by built-in fans. These produce the familiar hums of projectors. You don't want the projector's buzz to interrupt your important decision-making or shared brainstorming session. Therefore, you should take into account when choosing a projector for meeting roomsCheck dB(A) leveland go to projectors withOptimized cooling designand quiet operation.

  3. resolution

    When you analyze numbers in a spreadsheet, you want your projector to display themclear and sharp detailsthat do not tire the viewer, so the resolution and image processing must be of the highest level.

  4. Low maintenance requirements

    Do you know which is the best business projector to display your workplace? πŸ‡§πŸ‡· boat (3)efficiencyIt is essential in a work environment. You want your employees to focus on their tasks without wasting time on complicated technology. A great business projector stands apartEasy to useThis allows your internal installation administrators to install, manage and monitor your tools in the most direct and easy way. It should be a lasting investment with minimal maintenance needs.

boat projectors

Barco offers a wide range of commercial projectors in different sizes and weights, starting at around 5,000 lumens of brightness and with resolutions from WUXGA and WQXGA up to 4K UHD to meet the needs of all your specific commercial applications. We offer your visitors incredible experiences in a town hall, experience center, lobby, multi-purpose auditorium or conference room. With the best image quality and highest reliability in mind, these projectors elevate your communications, on-screen content and brand displays, leaving a lasting impression anywhere in the workplace.

A full workforce

Do you know which is the best business projector to display your workplace? πŸ‡§πŸ‡· boat (4)oseries G60can be considered our entry level models with brightness levels up to 10,000 lumens. The three single-chip WUXGA projectors correspond to thisSimple single image projection daily needs in small and medium meeting rooms.and continue to offer uncompromising Barco laser projection quality. These projectors are also known for their simplicity: easy to install, easy to integrate and easy to maintain. And to match the clean work environment, the compact G60s are also available in white.

Do you know which is the best business projector to display your workplace? πŸ‡§πŸ‡· boat (5)I need more? EITHERF80sbrings more lumens and more pixels to your boardrooms and lobbies. Acost-effective 4K solutionwith consistent color and brightness performance over time to present your branded video content in perfect resolution. And to ensure that your corporate message comes across loud and clear, the F80s have been optimized for just that.low noise performancesπŸ‡§πŸ‡· We willlight 35dbA, you won't even notice the projector is there.

Do you know which is the best business projector to display your workplace? πŸ‡§πŸ‡· boat (6)For large auditoriums or indoor conference rooms, you can also choose from a range of brighter projectors. Select theG100This is one of the brightest single-chip projectors in the industry with powerful Barco laser projection and excellent value for money. The G series is also compatible withCrestron, Extron, PJLink, AMX, Servidor de Internet y Telnet.

Do you know which is the best business projector to display your workplace? πŸ‡§πŸ‡· boat (7)

or electricUDM,alightest 3DLP laser projector with 22,000 lumenson the market weighing less than 50 kg. Deliver impressive professional presentations and corporate events in sharp image quality with this compact and versatile high-brightness projector. In addition, both projectors boast excellent energy efficiency, resulting in an A(+) rating by Barco's rating.ecological ratingMethodology.

Take a look at our full range of meeting room projectorshere.

Complete your workstation AV setup with the following Barco products.


Projection is still the most cost-effective option when it comes to setting up a large number of meeting rooms in your workplace, but for some of the higher-end applications, such as large lobbies or VIP rooms, it might be worth looking into alternatives. . . Barco is one of the few manufacturers on the market to offer all (!) important display technologies, so we can offer you a solution that is fully tailored to your needs. View our full portfolio to learn more about BarcoLCDmiHE DIRECTEDSolutions.

screen management

Maximize the use of your boardroom, auditorium and seminar rooms with Barco'sscreen managementSolutions. Our screen management systems capture all your content, process, convert and scale the signals before distributing the result to the screens in your setup. Even for simple meetings led by the presenters themselves, Barco's screen management systems take your information content to the next level to deliver strong corporate branding while enjoying a seamless behind-the-scenes content workflow.

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  • Screen management in all meeting rooms: simple, fast and seamless
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wireless collaboration

designed for safety,ClickShare wireless collaborationThe solutions are perfect for any type of business meeting space. Guests and executives alike have the freedom to connect wirelessly and share screen content however they choose via button or app. Collaboration becomes seamless, instant, and with a single click.


Our services guarantee complete peace of mind, from the configuration of your project to the maintenance of your Barco solution. Discover the three pillars of ourservice program(Enable - Protect - Optimize) to help you get the most out of Barco hardware and software solutions.

Barco offers a wide portfolio of support, maintenance, training and professional services. We have multiple repair service centers and spare parts warehouses in different regions to ensure immediate assistance and long-term support.

We take care of you from start to finish. Our mission is to provide you with the brightest and most reliable results.

Barco customer references

Do you know which is the best business projector to display your workplace? πŸ‡§πŸ‡· boat (8)β€œWe have long trusted the high quality of Barco products. The first F80 we installed worked so well that we didn't even consider other brands when looking for the best available technology for our meeting room.”

Eric Wei, senior assistant. Director of IT Service Center of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

Do you know which is the best business projector to display your workplace? πŸ‡§πŸ‡· boat (9)

β€œThe UDM range is an excellent 3DLP solution for the fixed installation market. The additional support of Barco, one of the last European manufacturers in this group of products, is extremely valuable in this type of project, such as the new AZ Delta auditorium”.

Stefan van de Poll, Systems Engineer at AVEX International

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